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More about hypnosis and relaxation

What is hypnosis?

A hypnotherapist helps activate the client’s inner resources to achieve realistic goals. Under hypnosis, your imagination can be guided and shaped to enable you to achieve the outcome you want.
Hypnotherapy is a fast-acting listening and talking therapy that combines a variety of tools tailored to the client’s personality and needs to achieve a desired specific outcome.
All hypnotherapy sessions with an NCH hypnotherapist are confidential, giving you a safe space to explore what is troubling you.
Session length and the time span and frequency of sessions can vary, so always ask your hypnotherapist how they practise.

Why have I got a relaxation recording?

Your relaxation recording is an important part of our work. Typically we will meet once per week to talk through what is going well and what needs further support. Sometimes we will use hypnosis in the session, other times you will be using self-hypnosis at home.

Whichever format we use, when you are at home and in your own time, I will also encourage you to listen to a recording that I will share with you.

This recording has been specially put together for you and consists of three key parts: 

  1. A full body relaxation

  2. A detailed description to deepen that relaxation and calm your thoughts and worries

  3. A metaphor (story) that will encourage you to think about things differently

Listening to the recording will consolidate the therapy session and prepare you for whatever lies ahead.​

If you are not able to engage in therapy at the moment, you can still benefit from listening to a quality relaxation recording. Click here to see what is available and to purchase a download

Research into the brain

I research what happens in the brain when you go into hypnotic trance. One of the methods I use is to look at the brain waves you produce when you are in trance.

This research shows me the importance of the hypnosis part of the session. I can see how much your brain relaxes and how it engages with the positive messages it receives. 

Here is an example of the EEG data I collect during my research.

What happens in the brain when I listen to the recording?

Here is a video showing you what happens in the brain during the recording.

It is just one minute long and has description boxes so you can see what is happening.

If you want to see an example of a research presentation I have given on this topic, click here. For a longer video demonstrating what happens in trance, click here.

More about hypnosis and relaxation: Resources
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