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About my methods

I am an experienced psychologist using cognitive behavioural techniques, compassion and solution focused brief therapy to provide you with thoughtful, reflective counselling. I have recently added hypnotherapy to my work with clients as I believe this can sometimes be the most effective way of working with people to achieve certain goals.

About my methods: Welcome

​Solution focused brief therapy is a modern way of working with individuals, couples and families to help bring resolution to our worries, our fears and anxieties. Taking a gentle approach I help you resolve your problems and lose your fears leaving you living a life filled with confidence and potential. 

How does this work?

First we have an initial consultation which allows us to get to know what it is you want to achieve. You set the goals, I help you get there. I will explain to you how the brain works, why you feel the way you do and what we can do about it. During this session you will be given a download to listen to every night to begin the process of relaxation and recovery.

In a typical session of solution-focused therapy we follow a series of steps to put you on the path to wellbeing.

  • First, you set the goals of treatment and decide what you would like to achieve.

  • We then discuss ways of coping with the challenges and how our hopes and fears affect the way we feel.

  • Next, we help you set achievable goals for the coming week.

  • Then if we choose to add hypnotherapy to the treatment, we will use trance to help you achieve those goals.

All this takes place in a restful setting. To find out more about why I use hypnosis, click here.

I incorporate positive psychology and solution focused brief therapy approaches with hypnosis to provide a complete package of support, resolving most issues quickly and painlessly.

What are your best hopes for the future?​ Let me guide you there!

Registered with all relevant associations, I have experience of working with a wide range of anxiety-related conditions, low mood, phobias and eating behaviours. 

I provide a number of specialised therapeutic services to those dealing with challenging life experiences. Client well-being is my number one priority, and I will support you through all life has to challenge you, helping you become the very best version of you. Get in touch with me today for more information.

About my methods: About Me
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